Chilean Sandwiches

are considered one of the top 10 worldwide


Astoria was founded in Concepción Chile in 2009, the brand has grown very fast base on the efficient operations and great products, quickly people started asking for franchises.


During that first year of operations, we experienced incredible sales and everything looked rosey. However, destiny had a different road planned for us.


In February 2010, we faced unexpected challenges staring with and earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale. With its epicenter  in Concepción , that calamity destroyed the first  Astoria restaurant.

Recovering from the earthquake, Astoria worked hard to open a new restaurant and in that same year, we found a new location and re-opened in a shopping mall.


The success of the brand and the products were again immediate  from day one. However in February 2011, just one year after opening, the shopping center was destroyed by a fire.

Once again, after all the hard word  and effort it seemed that fate was working against our success and discouraging our entrepreneurial spirit.


From that point, Astoria grew steadily. By 2014, we were able to start franchising across Chile. Now, Astoria is looking to bring our original Chilean sandwiches to the world and we are actively seeking international master franchisees to help us do so.

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